A girl and her Sword (fish)

Hi hi hi!! My name is Kelpie Edwina Elizabeth Jane Thrall.  I’m an adventurer in Valorn.  I am a Pooferblesser.  What is a Pooferblesser you ask? A Pooferblesser is me.  I poof, I bless.  My pooferpowder has been broken for a while now though.


Currently I’m fighting newborns to the death up by the river in Verthedge Forest.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me start at the very beginning.


I came to Valorn to find my mother and father.  My father was a powerful blesser man, and my mother was a super-poofer.  I got lost when my family was traveling to Valorn.  I don’t know how it happened exactly, I woke up one morning in the middle of the forest, and my family was gone.


When I got to Dundee, I went into an inn, really very truly hungry, I could hear my tummy rumbling and it was just yelling at me!!  So I asked the nice man for some food.  He asked me for some silver, but I didn’t have any, so with my tummy screaming, I went under the sewers and killed some icky rat baddies.  Then I made some hats.  Then I took my hats to another inn and talked to Jaymes.  He was very nice and after a few minutes of grimacing, he agreed to buy my hats. YAY!


So now that I had a few silver, I reached into my pack and grabbed a handful of pooferpowder.  I closed my eyes really really tight and threw it on the ground.  My vision got all hazy, but I didn’t poof back to then inn where the man wanted my silver!! Thats when I first noticed my pooferpowder was broken.  I had to walk… All the way through Dundee!!


I finally found the inn, and I sat down and the man brought me a few plates of food, and some fruit, and some drink.  I was eating and eating, and my belly was starting to feel full.  I looked down at the last plate that was there, and thats when I saw him.  There was a beautiful sword on my plate… He said his name was George.  Under all of the fry batter I could make out the shape of scales, a tail, a gill, and fins.  And of course a sword blade!  I started pulling all the fry batter off him, and I promised to heal him, because I was a pooferblesser, and I could do those things.


Under the circumstances I couldn’t put a fork in George, and my tummy was full enough, so I picked George up and put him gently in my pack.  I thanked the innkeeper for everything and pet the puppy on my way out the door.  “Off we go!” I said in the direction of my backpack.


When I got out to the Dundee square I turned left.  I saw a man named John eyeing me curiously.  So I bounced on over to him.

“Hi hi hi!” I said curiously.


“You look like you’re ready to advance” He replied with a stern, yet caring look in his eye.


“Advance? That sounds fun!” I shrugged my shoulders and walked closer to John the Trainer.


All of a sudden I felt a big ole WHOOOOOOSH and the world crier yelled out that I had advanced in power and skill.  I am a POOFERBLESSER! Hear me roar!! “RAWR!”